Our tents are best quality, instant pop up tents. They come in two popular sizes 24 x 12 ft and 20 x 10ft. They can be joined together to make any size you want. We will deliver, erect and pick up your tents.
MARQUEES: are specially imported from the USA .  They are the famous Aztec marquees and are 20 feet wide and can be extended up to 60 feet or more by adding extra sections. They are ideal for large gatherings and will withstand strong winds often experienced on our beaches. These are top of the range
TABLES: You have choice of our rectangular tables or our popular 5ft circular tables. The tables are very robust  

CHAIRS: Sebel Australian supplies our comfortable chairs, they are designed to take a weight of more than 150kgs. They have no side arms, look classy and are stackable.


Mobile Cold Rooms (COOLERS AND FREEZERS): Our trailer mounted cold rooms are 8ft x6ft and 7ft high complete with hanging rails for your cows. Both the cold rooms and freezers are single phase and will work on any power point in your house. We deliver, set up and pick up for you and ensure your cold room is operating efficiently. We have a large number of cold rooms at our three locations.

SOUND SYSTEM: Most of our equipment is JBL, which is of high quality. We have P.A systems, subwoofer, bass amplifier, Shure microphones, microphone stands, speaker stands, table microphone stands, cabling, and a powered amplifier A sound man is a Available to set up and disassemble your ensemble and can be hired to DJ or control the P.A system for any function. We have a large collection of lighting to suit all occasions. We have pin lights, strobe light, two way laser light, LED Stage lights, party LED 5 color light, spotlights and a portable lighting tower.

LIGHTING & STAGES: For your  lighting needs contact us and tell us what you need.  We have flood lights, tent lighting, spot lights, mirror balls, fog machine, flashing light etc. Your official parties will good on our portable stages. They come in 8ft x 4ft modules which bolt together and stand about 15inchs off the ground. Our technician can  do all the technical setups for any function.


GENERATORS: We stock several 6.5KVA generators. They are very quiet and will also run our mobile cold rooms. Extension leads are available also.




Balloons and Party Products: We stock only the highest quality helium balloons from the USA.  Qualatex balloons last longer inflated and display a high glossy finish.  We also sell all party products like: poppers, bubbles, banners, wigs, toys, piñatas, costumes pieces, face paints, loot bags, sparklers, glow sticks, and much more…

Faalavelave/Funerals: On sad occasions such as this we assume you that we will work respectfully with you. Please phone us to discuss your needs and leave the rest to us for stress- free service.